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Shadina Strider is a new author.  Strider says, “My obedience to God’s call has released me to a pilgrimage throughout the world in search of the gifts that He has placed in the earth for me.  There is much to do for the Lord and I am thrilled to be chosen for this journey.” Her new book is expected to be released in 2013.  


Day is known as Tampa’s most engaging consumer advocate. S.E. Day has his own live internet radio show named, The Legally Steal Show. The talk radio show which provides a means to equalizing the playing field for the listening audience. The Show features interviews with celebrities, industry professionals, insurance providers, warranty companies, mechanics, government officials, credit bureau officials, credit union officials, CPA, Attorneys, etc. The show can heard on call sign WTAN-AM Tampa-Bay 1340 or and on BlogTalkRadio.



Vivian Gaspar has been the founder and owner/operator of several businesses over the last 20 years. Gaspar has been a keynote speaker for the New Jersey Department of Labor as well as many corporations and service organization on a variety of financial topics.

As the Public Relations Director for an attorney specializing in mortgage modification, Gaspar has helped well over 200 families better afford to stay in their homes and in some cases escape foreclosure altogether.

Gaspar wanted to educate the public on many of the common topics which solve the root causes of the hardships most people face. Therefore, she sought out experts in over 30+subjects to contribute to this book in order to help as many people as possible with concise and easy to understand information.



Lake Alexandria is an Model, Actress, and Singer. She works with one of the best photographers in Chicago and is currently attending Bible College in Tampa, Florida where she participates in a Gospel Ensemble that tours the Southern States and Virgin Islands. She plans to attend Liberty University where she will continue pursuing her acting, singing and modeling career.




Michele J. Alexander, Tax Expert and now author of a Five Volume Book Series, TOP TEN Do’s and Don’t’s; Know the Game & Save on Taxes, has been featured on KQV-AM, in Pittsburgh. In her new series, Alexander teaches clients how to apply tax strategies that improve the manner in which we manage our tax lives. Alexander holds a B.A. from Shaw University and has been a tax professional for 30 plus years.

 The Tax Series is a set of handbooks that are consumer friendly because the information contained in them provide readers with the tools, simply stated, to know and understand how to approach any tax issue from a practical standpoint. Each volume addresses a different tax topic such as Refunds, IRS Notices, IRS Audits, IRS Debts and The Business Model. Michele will add a 6th volume on How to Get It Together, for filing your tax returns.

Alexander is also the owner of WinACrown, the company that produces the Miss Pittsburgh Pageant.  Michele has a book in circulation regarding pageants titled, Preparation for Winners.  The book, Preparation for Winners as written by Alexander, is her culmination of more than 15 years of involvement in the pageant industry.

TOP TEN Do’s and Don’t’s; Know the Game & Save on Taxes will be released before Christmas of 2012



Dave Levino owns his own Social Media Business named, Levino Solutions.  Levino, “Gets It!” Levino  Solutions focuses on implementing marketing projects through the use of the latest and most updat ed social media tools for his clients. This  California University of Pennsylvania graduate quickly realized he needed to get ahead of the changing media curve. Instead of letting the social media roller coaster throw him off the tracks, Levino took action and created his own business designed to help other understand social media and how to take advantage of it.

This former news producer of  WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh and WHTM-TV in Harrisburg, PA understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Levino explains, “One must not just understand the changing media and know how to implement its new strategies”.

Levino has social media and leadership experience and has worked as a supervisor, producer, editor and promoter. He also has extensive experience in the field of marketing and web design development.




Richard Byrne Reilly is an award-winning crime and investigative journalist.  Reilly’s work has appeared in New York Magazine,, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, San Francisco Examiner, Red Herring,  The National Enquirer and various European media. Originally from Northern California and educated in New England, he  currently lives in New York City. The Frigate Bird is his first novel.

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